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#Miles Make Champions!
#Fear the Hippo!
The Intrepid Rowing Club (IRC) is located on the shores of the St Lucie River in Palm City, Florida.
Intrepid Rowing Club is a youth rowing organization focused on developing the skills and rowing knowledge of young men and women to enable them to compete victoriously on the national level. We train hard, six days a week, because we believe that miles on the water make champions. Off the water, we actively promote character building, integrity, and team work.  Resolute, fearless, fortitude, and endurance is the definition of Intrepid. Fearless, daring, and bold - these are characteristics that our young men and women demonstrate every day, on every stroke, and lead to IRC's success.
Winningest Rowing Club on the Treasure Coast
Recruiting for Summer Season is OPEN !
The Intrepid Rowing Club (IRC)  Juniors program is accepting rowers for the 2017 Summer season. For students with no rowing experience, but interested in learning a new sport, join us for a week during regularly scheduled practice times  
 ​Monday - Saturday

2701 SW Cornell Ave, Palm City, Fl  34990
(park at the Palm City dock)

Contact us or ask an IRC rower for additional information.
The New Rower Packet includes all required forms necessary to row. 

Compare what makes us different from other local rowing clubs:
* World Class On-Water Coaching - View their resumes
* Faster times on the water - View the last regatta races shared with other Martin County rowing clubs
* New boats owned by the Junior's Program
* 100% of your tuition goes directly to the Junior's Program

Intrepid Rowing is a club sport in the local school districts which enables our rowers to earn Varisty Letters in Crew through their respective high schools.

2017 Spring/Summer Camps
Download the 2017 Spring/Summer Camps brochure for more information

Race Results

IRC crews placed 3rd
at USRowing SE Regionals 
& 7th at USRowing 
Club Nationals in 2016 

Race Results

2016-2017 Winning Medals
​Over 300 medals won this year by our Junior Program !

2017 FSRA State Sculling Championship
Girl's Freshman 2x ranked 9th in the state
Girl's Freshman 4x ranked 7th in the state
Girl's Junior 2x ranked 11th in the state
Boy's Junior 2x ranked 4th in the state

2017 FSRA East District Championship
SILVER - Women's Freshman 4+
BRONZE - Women's Junior 2x
GOLD - Men's Junior 2x
SILVER - Women's Freshman 2x
GOLD - Women's Freshman 4x
GOLD - Men's Varsity 4+
GOLD - Men's Ltwt 4+
GOLD - Men's 2nd Varsity 
BRONZE - Middle School 8=

2017 OARS Youth Invitational
GOLD - Men's Ltwt 4+

2017 Sarasota Invitational
GOLD - Women's Novice 4+
BRONZE - Women'sHS 2x
GOLD - Women's HS Freshman 4+
SILVER - Men's HS 2-
GOLD - Men's HS Varsity 4+
BRONZE - Men's HS Ltwt 4+
BRONZE - Mixed HS 8+

2017 Fellsmere Opening Day
GOLD Men's Varsity 8+

2017 Novice Regatta
GOLD Girls Freshman 4+
GOLD Girls Novice 4+
BRONZE Girls Novice 4+
SILVER Girls Novice 2x
BRONZE Girls Novice 2x
BRONZE Girls Novice 4x

2017 Plant Invitational
SILVER - Junior Women's 8+
SILVER - Varsity Men's 4+
GOLD - Men's Pair
GOLD - Women's Freshman/Novice 4+
GOLD - Women's Junior 4+
GOLD - Men's Junior Double
GOLD - Men's Ltwt 4+

2016 Head of the Giblet
GOLD - Women's Novice 4+
SILVER - Women's Novice 8+
GOLD - Mixed Novice 8+
SILVER - Men's Varsity 8+
GOLD - Men's Lightweight 8+
GOLD - Men's Lightweight 4+

2016 Head of the Schuylkill
BRONZE - Men's High School Doubles Novice
6th  - Women's High School 8+ Novice

2016 Head of Indian Creek
GOLD - Women's Junior Novice 4+
SILVER - Men's Junior 4+ 
SILVER - Women's Junior 4+
BRONZE - Men's Junior 4x
BRONZE - Women's Novice/Freshman 8+​​

2016 US Rowing Club National Championships
7th  - U17 Men's 4+

2016 Sunshine State Games
GOLD - Mixed Open 8+
SILVER - Mixed Open 8+
GOLD - Men’s Junior (U19) 4+
SILVER - Men’s Junior(U19) 4+
GOLD - Men’s Junior (U19) 8+
SILVER - Men’s Junior (U19) 8+
BRONZE - Men’s Junior (U19) 8+

GOLD - Women’s Junior (U19) 8+

2016 US Rowing SE Regionals Youth Championships
BRONZE - Men’s U17 8+
5th - Men’s Lightweight 8+

2016 FSRA Sweeps State Championships
5th - Men’s Lightweight 8+
5th - Men’s Freshman 8+
7th - Women’s Freshman 4+
9th - Men’s Junior 8+
11th - Women’s Junior 8+

2016 Miami International Regatta
GOLD - Men’s Freshman 8+
SILVER - Women’s Freshman 4+

2016 FSRA E District Championships
GOLD - Men’s Lightweight 8+

2016 OARS Youth Invitational Regatta
GOLD - Men’s Lightweight 8+
SILVER - Men’s Freshman 8+

2016 Fellsmere Opening Day Regatta
Gold - Men’s Varsity 8+
Gold - Men’s Open 8+
SILVER - Men’s JV 8+
SILVER - Women’s Open 8+

2016 Sarasota International Regatta
GOLD - Men’s Freshman 8+
GOLD - Mixed HS 8+
SILVER - Mixed HS 8+
SILVER - Men’s HS Lightweight 8+
SILVER - Men’s HS Freshman 4+
SILVER - Men’s Novice 8+
SILVER - Men’s JV 8+



IRC tentative regatta schedule for 2017
  1. Plant Invite, 21 January 2017
    Held at Harney Park in Tampa, Florida, qualified rowers from Winter camp attend this regatta.
  2. Novice Regatta, 11 February 2017
    Held at Turkey Lake in Orlando, Florida. This is a true novice event and great first experience for spring racing. For additional information, visit https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=4805
  1. Fellsmere Opening Day, 18 February 2017
    This 1500 meter Henley format dual race (head to head) takes place down Canal 54 in Fellsmere, Florida.
  2. Sarasota Invitational, 25 February 2017
    Held at the world-class Nathan Benderson Park, site of the 2015 US Rowing Youth National Championships. Visit www.sarasotainvitational.com
  3. OARS Invitational, 11 March 2017
    One of the premier rowing events in the southeast, traditionally attracting more than 1,000 rowers, this 1500 meter race takes place on Turkey Lake, Orlando, with races starting every 7 minutes.
  4. FSRA East District Chpship,1 April 2017
    1500 meter race in Clermont, FL. For additional information visit http://www.floridarowing.org/
  1. FSRA Sculling State Chpship, 8 April 2017
    This 2-day event is held at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida, qualified rowers attend this championship regatta.
  2. FSRA Sweep State Chpship, 29-30 April
    This 2-day event is held at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida, qualified rowers attend this championship regatta.
  1. SE Youth Regional Chpship, 13-14 May
    This is a 2000 meter race in Gainesville, GA. For additional information, visit www.regattacentral.com
  2. Youth Nat'l Championship, 9-11 June 2017
    Held at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida, this scholastic championship hosts qualified rowers from the SE Youth Championship regatta.
  3. Club Nat'l Championship, 12-16 July 2017
    This three-day championship event is held in Bethel, OH. It sees approx 1800 athletes competing in more than 350 crews, representing 150 teams from across the country - all vying for national titles in 18 boat classes.
  4. Head of the Schuylkill, October 2017
    This four-day championship event is held in Philadelphia, PA.
The Intrepid Rowing Club is located on the shores of the St Lucie River in Palm City, Florida and is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.
Support a Rower
Rowing is an expensive sport and funds are needed to help purchase equipment, provide scholarships, and to fund state and national championships. 

With your help, Intrepid Rowing Club can fulfill its mission to develop a competitive rowing experience that promotes strong character, high integrity, positive self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle. IRC  also provides athletes, new to the sport, with opportunities to join its novice rowing and introductory/competitive sculling and sweep squads and to participate in summer Learn-to-Row camps.

Your donation of any amount to
Go Fund Me  is greatly appreciated and help support this new youth rowing program.